Sunday, October 24, 2010

for preety bitches -em

dont get too proud if you are beautifull or hot , seriously, dont . sebab kenapa , ramai lagi perempuan lawa sexy on fire dalam dunia ni , and if you are one of them , dont think that you can say or do whatever you want to anyone you want . and dont ever think that you always right and pleaseeee , if you think you are the pretiest among the pretiest , wake up ! jangan nak perasan sngt lah kan . there's nothing special about you if you are preety but hati perangai mulut bahasa macam WTF . heh remind urself can you? remind urself that just preety face means nothing and cannot bring ur any where. use ur brain pleaseee. dont be too proud .

but i dont know somehow, through my eyes , i can see everybody is special in their own way . i still do even budak tu annoyinggg gila and buat aku rasa nak bagi kaki ke , heh i still do .


I just want to say that somehow somewhere ,
I just HATE people that think they are always right.


dont love a guy 100% because when you do ,

you will not be prepared ,

when you are at this age ,

forever are really not that forever like you think it is .

one day they promise you everything

and mybe the next day they're gone.

now , just cherish every moment with them .


"always remind urself that you are not perfect , and never be one"

mengaku jelah . most of us selalu perhatikan other's people life and selalu fikir 'oh my god why lah aku tak jadi macam dia , dia tu mcm perfect gila , dia tu lawa , selalu happy , ada itu , ada ini "

well somehow , i think that is seriously A STUPID BULLSHIT , there's no one that stand up at this world perfectly , no one . yep , termasuk aku , termasuk engkau , termasuk dia dan mereka .

the point is , perfect is not how you cant describe other's human . because perfect is totally BULLSHIT and one advice , aku rasa baik korang berhenti perhatikan orang yang korang rasa ada life lagi better dari korang sbb korang akan miss every nikmat yang korang dapat and tanpa korang sedar , korang akan terikut dgn cara miss-i-think-he/she-is-perfect tersebut and yeah you will never be urself"

the ugly truth about life is "you cannot get everything that you want, darling"


okay guys ? okay good . i really have to get sleep now bye !

Friday, October 8, 2010


I want to be someone that hold dslr camera and know how to use it perfectly .
I want to make people adore what i capture with my lens.
but hell no , i dont want to be a photographer .

mybe one day ,
I tak akan di sama kan dgn type of people yang habiskan beribu , HANYA UNTUK,
pegang dslr camera dgn muka arrogant hidung kembang kempis ,
sebab nak tunjuk dia kaya, hot and untuk dapat lebih ramai kawan . that is shit .

That is really shit . soooo shit .